Aage Nielsen was an adjunct professor of music at the College of Idaho and Northwest Nazarene University, as well as the bass clarinetist with the Boise Philharmonic for 23 years, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony for 11 years, and the chamber ensemble Darkwood Consort for 19 years. Darkwood Consort performed throughout the U.S., as well as Denmark, Iceland and The Netherlands. He has emerged as the leading player and scholar of the douçaine, a rare early oboe discovered on King Henry VIII’s flagship, “The Mary Rose,” which sank in 1545, was discovered in 1971, and was raised from the ocean bed in 1982. Shortly after completing graduate research on the douçaine, Aage became a Benedictine monk for nearly four years. During that time, having sold all of his other instruments, Aage embraced the chameleon quality of the instrument to perform everything from medieval melodies and traditional music to new compositions, jazz and pop, all on the douçaine. He is currently studying Hindustani/North Indian classical music, for a Marco Polo-influenced crossover. Meanwhile, the Mary Rose instrument is the only extant douçaine, and there are currently perhaps 80 replicas worldwide, as there are only two people in the world who craft this instrument. Phil Neuman of Oregon City made Aage’s, and most of the other douçaines, and Aage remains the only specialist on the instrument.

Current collaborators include Phil and Gayle Neuman, Laura Kuhlman, Emily Lau, and others. Aage currently performs with ensembles Dulcina (medieval and Renaissance), Omkring en Hornpibe (Danish early and traditional music), Cascadia Loud Band, Curious Voices (medieval and Renaissance), and occasionally with Vox Resonat, as well as solo and freelance. He is available for concerts, private events, ensemble coaching, and private lessons on early and modern woodwinds.

Contact: aage.igen@gmail.com



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